Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Feeling

I'm gonna crazy with this weird feeling. What kind of ....??? Oh no! Please, stop it, leave me alone! I can't use my mind to give a reason why this feeling makes me like that. I always think of it. Why, why, and why ? fiuuuhhhh.. Honestly, i don't want this feeling , because i know it's just let me to a thing that is not come in the right time. Hard to say it >.<

Huaaaahh. I hope i can delete this feeling and be normal again. . Maybe i must to remember something - my purpose, my principle. I don't wanna break it. God, pleaseee.. I need Your help to control this feeling. >.<


dotie said...

hope everything will turn out better in the end =)
sure no prob! I'll link you in return..
eclectic du jour

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

awww, wish you feel way better later on..

have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

Whoa, this post has been few days ago, right? hope you're already controlled by now. :) and yeap, only God could help you with this. Been facing the same situation, something on controlling feeling thingy, too, these days, and it has been harsh. Whooh. :) Ganbatte ne! tc*