Thursday, April 15, 2010

Already finished!

Yeaaaayy ! Already finished my mid semester exam ! But, in this morning, i had an exam about theory of personality. It was multiple choices and open book, but it was still hard! ckkckkckc. Gonna crazy! All of the answers made me confused. OMG.

Ok, enough talking about my exam,hahaha. Now, my job are make some letters (being a secretary for a event- workshop) and a assignment for creativity psychology. I hope i can do it well and finish them as quickly as i can.

On the last weekend, i stayed 3 days at Mulia Hotel. My uncle had a free exclusive room for 3 days. It was great! I love the facilities and the food,hihii. The service is a good one. There is some pics ..

btw, i went to celebrity fitness and have a member(finally!),hahahaa. It's because i wanna more exercise, so i can be healthier and slim,hahahaha. The consultant is a kind person. He is my new friend now. But, he always call me 'endut' (it means FAT) and 'chubby' . ckckckkc. Thanks to him!hahaha. Great greeting!


yiqin; said...

Ah so adorable :D

STARR said...

congrats! I love staying at hotels :D

michelle_ said...

cute red cardi !
michelle ||

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

looks great!

The Queen of Queer

Gerald Sandah said...

i think i really to love u
u are very beutiful girls..
so cute..
i like u pic..
cute n beutiful.....

Kiyo said...

Thank you for the comment!
I love the red cardigan and the necklace :)

Tabitha said...

love your long cardigan :)
LOVE, beauty splashes

Anonymous said...

hi lovely cardi :)
maaf ya lama bgt blsnya.


so cool red cardi!

beckyxoxo said...

Good luck for school dear ! Aaa I want to go to a fitness center too . I'm fatter hiks .

Rimma Izzaty said...

thank you for sweet comment :D hehhehe. btw i love your cardigan hohoho.

Naka said...

I love staying at hotels ^^
your really cute ^^

tehe not at all fat >.<
thanks for visiting me :)