Monday, April 19, 2010

Fantastic Classes

Hello. I wanna share about my experiences about yesterday in gym. Yesterday morning until night, i joined some classes in gym, such as belly dance, latin dance, rpm, and yoga. It was cool !

1. Belly Dance
Yesterday was my first time to try belly dance. In the beginning, me and my friend was confused, wanna join or not. Because we never join this before. But, in the fact, belly dance is an amazing dance,hahaha. It was funny in the first, because we can't did the movements.hahaa.

people usually wear this when they dance. It's like a skirt.

2. Latin Dance
Humm. A little bit difficult in the first time. In my last junior high school, i've ever danced it, but only cha2. We learned many movements, like cha2, mambo, and salsa. Yesterday is my second time, but i don't like the teacher, especially the movements is not creative enough. In my first time *different teacher* was totally good. She is so amazing dancer and she teach us very well.

3. RPM
OMG. I thought this class would be fun, but yesterday was killed me softly. Yeaah, i know it's good for reduce calories,hahaa. You know, i'm not strong enough for this class. I was so tired when played this 'bycycle'. My friend told me, she wanna cry when played it.hahahahaa. It was crazy Maybe, i wanna join only once a week, because i still want to reduce my calories.hahaha...

4. Yoga
The last, i joined basic yoga. Yeaah, it was a basic, but a difficult thing. I don't know yoga is hard to do,hahahaa. I enjoyed this class, it made me so relax with the music.

Ok. Exercise makes me healthier and slim. I hope. hahahhaaa. I wanna exercise again, see you on the next post !



Naka said...

ahh i kinda wanna try yoga and belly dancing ^^
I hope u had fun!

BobiBob said...

yeah, I believe you can be slimmer, just like your name, lol

Blicious said...

one of my besties belly dances and it looks so fun!


stellectism said...

how i wish i had the courage to go gym like you!

michelle_ said...

great post !
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Jess said...

Oh I recently tried belly dancing - it was so much fun! And I love yoga but I usually do hot yoga. Its way more interesting you should try it :)

dotie said...

Wow!! that's a pretty intense workout sure sounds fun though ;)

eclectic du jour

Caylie said...

I want to take yoga and belly dancing this summer!!


kirstyb said...

looks like fun - hope you have a fab weekend xxxx

Leah said...

I love yoga too... it's one of the exercises I do apart from swimming. xoxo

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice skirt..i want cute..

hemm,,oh ya thx for ur comment in my post..
iya murah2 kok di asemka..klo di mall bisa 2 samapi 3x lipat harganya...hehehehe

fhen said...

wow you joined a lot of classes!
must be fun

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lalita tian said...

hi dear thx for your comment :) whaa what a cool books! i read 'the age of innocence' one by edith wharton :)
whaa u like shakespeare dont you? kewl!!!
btw u do yoga? i do yoga as well :)
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Belly dance seems to be so fun! I do ballet and I love it!