Sunday, March 28, 2010

Books,books, and books !

Me and my family went to Gramedia MOI, because my bro heard '30% discount for all books' ! So excited when i heard that,hahhaa. Wow! I came at 12.30 and gramedia already crowded! bzzz..

spend rp770.000,00
bought 5 books by John C.Maxwell, but i couldn't find 'Talent is Never Enough',hikzz..
and another books, like Mitch Albom, etc..

btw, it's my mind map for assignment
thanks to Addi, because he helped me to made it for two days!waw!

Yeaaaah. It's time to study psychology again with pringles,hahaha. Now, i'm learning about "Thinking, Intellegence, and Language". I want to get the perfect score tomorrow! Wish me luck, guys!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Opera

Last Friday, i felt so happy, because i met Ita Sembiring. Do you know her? She is a novelist and writing for FTV in SCTV. She was a guest teacher in my creativity class. She is soo creative and attractive. I want to meet her again or talk and share about writing. ^^

her novel

btw, i got this award from Odel. thx so much!

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Sweet Blog Award

The meaning:
Sweet Blog Award is an award for blog or web which you think so friendly and make you enjot to visit it often.

Homework for dearest friends:
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quotes of the day

I got this quote from my psychology's book (Theories of Personality)
a person can be free and not alone,
critical and yet not filled with doubts,
independent and yet an integral part of mankind

and the famous quote:

to the world,
you might be one person,
but to one person,
you might mean the world

Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome , My New Stuff !

Hello guys. Sorry if i only post on the weekend, because my internet in the boarding house is broken, so i always post in my home,hehehe. Hope you can understand it yeaah? ^^ Btw, i feel soo empty. I don't know why, i can't explain it, sighh. . Maybe i kinda tired with my daily activities.

silly face

with ivaah

my new necklace and bracelets from Gaudi

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!

maafkan aku,
bila kita tak sempat merayakannya berdua
engkau meniup lilin
dan aku bernyanyi

ku rasa kau telah bahagia di sana
merayakannya bersama para malaikat surgawi

bolehkah ku titipkan hadiah kecil ini kepadanya?
sebuah cincin,
yang tak sempat aku sematkan di jari manisnya
dan sebuah kartu ucapan:


nikita putri: happy birthday niki, pasti km seneng ngerayain sweetseventeen di surga^^

willy: be strong yaa! UAN nya semoga berhasil kawan! Jangan lupa ajak2 guw ke HOME lagii yahh.heheheh^^

Saturday, March 06, 2010

First Week in March

Hello everyone, how's your first week in march? Is it great? Last friday, i met up with my cell group and shared a lot. I think this week is bad for us, because we shared many sad stories,hikzz. But, i'm so happy because we can shared a lot of things we felt. We shared and cried together. Now, i can call them : my family. So thankful to God because He give me them all as my family.

Btw, i'm not in good mood this week. Many assignments, many sad stories, etc. Huaaah, i feel tired! Personal assignment is good for me, but group's assignment is bad! Yeaah, i must be patient with my friends and my group assignment. I'm totally care about the time and i want to finish it all quickly as possible, but my friends can't. I know i can't angry with my friends because of that. I'm sorry if i hurt you with my words, i don't mean that. Hope you can forgive me. .

Sorry,sorry, and sorry! I late posting this photos~"Positive Thinking Training". I was be a fasilitator in there-no prepare!bzzz.. But, it was great. I have many new friends now,hihi. Thanks for all the crew!^^