Sunday, June 27, 2010

double hachi !

Me and my brother feel like eating sushi. We met in Central Park on last wednesday. Ahaa! Hachi-hachi in Central Park is now open, so we tried it. My friends told me, the price is cheaper than the other sushi restaurants. Yeahh, we got cheaper price and delicious sushi! Completely!

btw, i met some new friends at my english course. They are korean. We talked some funny things,lol. They speak english and korean, but can't speak bahasa. The most important thing is he (one of them) told me that my pronunciation in korean was good! Omg, glad to hear that, kyaaa! I told him that it's because i love watching korean drama and listening to korean song,hahaha. He also told me, he is master of korean,lol. Ahaa! I think i find a teacher who can teach me korean, horaay^^

c ya!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ouchh Really? It's the Last!

Ouchh. Sorry guys, if i'm too late for posting. Two weeks ago, i had UAS , it's the final exam for this semester. Huaaah, finally, today is the last exam and i'm so happy !yeayy! I've already given the best. I hope the results will be the best too! Ameeen !

Btw, last week, i tried some food at Urban Kitchen (Central Park Mall, 2nd floor). It's kinda comfortable to study,hahaa. So, i brought some papers for studied and ate some food in there. Check the photos here :

Yihaaaa ! I think i wanna make some holiday plans! I wanna go to Bali , watch some movies, and meet my old friends. They will be fun ! Yeah yeah yeah! * psstt.. I'll go to Bali, maybe 22nd June, because my brother must go to the university in there..*

btw, have you already watched "Letters to Juliet" ? Well, it's a sweet story. The story has some quotes, and i love them very much : " What if you had a second change to find your true love? The greatest love story ever told is your own! Love is never too late " Omg, the story is so touch my heart! Yeah, love is never too late , find and keep your true love, not to wait until he or she leave you. Kyaaa! It's like an everlasting love, isn't it? I wanna watch this movie again!