Friday, July 23, 2010

We're in the Old Town

Old town is one of the most interesting place in Jakarta (in my opinion). There are many museums, like Fatahillah, Wayang Museum, Mandiri Museum, etc. If you like history, i think you should go there. Last Saturday, me with my friends went there for Lallers Activity (Lallers is like an organization in my english course. It was a great! Finally, i tried " Ontel Bicycle " (Old Bicycle) in there. That was really really amazing. I love bicycle, because i can feel free,haha.

There are some photos (sorry, if they are bad quality photos) :

When i was in Senior High School, i took some photos for our yearbook. I really really like these photos, we chose gothic style and photo with some guitars and basses. Ohh my, i miss that moment, i miss my high school so much. Sometimes, i feel wanna back to this moment, when i was in high school. Have you ever felt like that? Miss your last moments in the past?

c ya! ^^

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Yeaah! My cousin has already come to Jakarta, i hope we can have a lot of fun! Anyway, i tried "Yoshinoya" with my family in Grand Indonesia. It's a Japanese Restaurant, the best seller is beef bowl i think. Sorry, but in my opinion, the food isn't delicious enough, maybe it's because i don't really like beef,hehe. It depends on you, guys.

my outfit
(almost stuffs are from bali..)

Guys, how's ur holiday? Is it fun or boring? I hope it gonna be fun. Humm, my holiday is full of my daily routine.grrr. Take an english course, go to the gym, dvd time, read books and some appointment in organization. Well, sometimes i feel bored of this routine, but i'll try to make it fun and yeaaaahh finally i had a lot of fun!hahhaa. But, i still feel like trying something new, i don't know what it is, just wanna something new in my life.

How about you, guys??