Sunday, March 28, 2010

Books,books, and books !

Me and my family went to Gramedia MOI, because my bro heard '30% discount for all books' ! So excited when i heard that,hahhaa. Wow! I came at 12.30 and gramedia already crowded! bzzz..

spend rp770.000,00
bought 5 books by John C.Maxwell, but i couldn't find 'Talent is Never Enough',hikzz..
and another books, like Mitch Albom, etc..

btw, it's my mind map for assignment
thanks to Addi, because he helped me to made it for two days!waw!

Yeaaaah. It's time to study psychology again with pringles,hahaha. Now, i'm learning about "Thinking, Intellegence, and Language". I want to get the perfect score tomorrow! Wish me luck, guys!


nitya said...

wow you've got a lot of books. Pity me I didn't know about the discount :(

michelle_ said...

buset rame bgt yah..
hugs and kisses ..
glisters and blisters


I am crazy about books too! I need to buy some more for me too!

Tifanny said...

aku jg kesana mei.. ampe 2 kali malah.. haha..
sayang kita ga ketemu.. =.=

Meilinda said...

@nitya: masiihh ada. sampai tanggal 3 koq.hehehe.

@mich: banget-bangetan ramenya. penuh sesak. pusing sndr kalo di dalem kelamaan itu mahh.

@kirafashion: absolutely! u can go to a bookshop and buy some books. yeaah!

@tif: ohh ya? beli apa aj tif? mau doong referensi buku bgus. wew. niat amat smpe dua x?hehehe. iyaah, pst susah ktmu wong serame ituu.hha

carissayufita said...

woooow you spent a lot of money for books, envy youuu T_T