Saturday, February 27, 2010

Central Park~Shabu Slim

I went to Central Park which is next to Taman Anggrek Mall. It's a new mall in West Jakarta, not too complete right now, but i think it will be a great mall because Central Park has a different side: the park is beautiful. I love a mall in Singapore called Vivo City and Central Park looks like Vivo City i think. I don't know but i feel like that. I loooveeee this!

Me and my family ate shabu2 n sushi in the Shabu Slim restaurant . It's a new restaurant in Central Park. . I don't why the name of restaurant "Shabu Slim", humm. slim? If i eat food in this restaurant, it will make me slim, huh? hahaha.

btw, thanks for Rimma from Strawberry Milk Soda for giving me an award ^^

i'll give an award to 6 bloggers:
3. Titaz
5. Pipi


Tabitha said...

aww..thanks for the award, i'll post it later dear :)

beauty splashes

joei said...

hey there!

thanks for writing in english but it's ok even if you write in your language :)

thanks for sharing with us your experience in central park. enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Odilia Fiona said...

thanks darl <3

Bernadette Bianca (16YO) said...

Mei, thanks so much for the award. that is the kind of you :)
xoxo, bianca

The Coronet

Anita Putri said...

hai nice to know ya, lovely pic,:)
keep bloging.

Meilinda said...

@tabitha,odel,bianca: you're welcome , dear. keep posting! probs joei. i want to try writing in eng.^^
@anita:thx for visiting. love ur blog!

djhanq said...

cool view, and love ur jumpsuit :)
(if u dont mind)
tattoo freak
oxox <3

Anita Putri said...

oke lets exchange link ya

djhanq said...

followed and linked u already
link me back :)

djhanq said...

(can u link me at the fashion section if u dont mind :))
just link it as tattoo & tees

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Yeah. It IS meant to make you slim, bcos mostly everything is BOILED. Not FRIED.

titaz said...

sudah diposting yaaa :) said...

Now I really want to taste that Shabu Slim...