Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ouchh Really? It's the Last!

Ouchh. Sorry guys, if i'm too late for posting. Two weeks ago, i had UAS , it's the final exam for this semester. Huaaah, finally, today is the last exam and i'm so happy !yeayy! I've already given the best. I hope the results will be the best too! Ameeen !

Btw, last week, i tried some food at Urban Kitchen (Central Park Mall, 2nd floor). It's kinda comfortable to study,hahaa. So, i brought some papers for studied and ate some food in there. Check the photos here :

Yihaaaa ! I think i wanna make some holiday plans! I wanna go to Bali , watch some movies, and meet my old friends. They will be fun ! Yeah yeah yeah! * psstt.. I'll go to Bali, maybe 22nd June, because my brother must go to the university in there..*

btw, have you already watched "Letters to Juliet" ? Well, it's a sweet story. The story has some quotes, and i love them very much : " What if you had a second change to find your true love? The greatest love story ever told is your own! Love is never too late " Omg, the story is so touch my heart! Yeah, love is never too late , find and keep your true love, not to wait until he or she leave you. Kyaaa! It's like an everlasting love, isn't it? I wanna watch this movie again!


Naka said...

cute glasses and tehe i wish i finshed with school i have 5 more exams XD

saidiblogger said...

nyami.. it's look awesome..

Anonymous said...

lovely place :) cute bgt

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

bali???ooohhh i want it so badly...

c a r l l a said...

wow, nice pic!!
love it.


joninel said...
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joninel said...

thx for your comment :) btw, nice pics

sii miemi said...

yeah next week mei, hehe...

u already wacth letters of juliet??
umm mau mau, bagus ga?


sii miemi said...

pasti mei, pasti nonton...
i love amanda,hehe.. like dear john


Laras Arum said...

bagus banget ya filmnya? jadi pengen nonton deh..

Sarah said...

love the pics! I really wana see letters to juliet! xx

nitya said...

I haven't watched Letters to Juliet, but it looks so great.

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Stevia said...

love the place :)

letters to juliet looks promising
have u watched the trailer?
amanda seyfried looks so beautiful
i want to watch that movie too :)

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such a nice place and nice food!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

heyy nice picts!! letters to juliet bgs ga? pngn nntn tp ga smpt :((
thanks for your comment
check out my latest post ya


michelle_ said...

lovely post !
i really like ur geeky glasses :)

thanks for your commentsss :) :) :)

carlla said...

wow, funtastic! we have the same type of dog.
I like it, he's very funny
btw, thanks for your sweet comment ;)


♥ joei said...

glad your exams are over and done already! :)

definitely, maybe ☆

Anonymous said...

hope your test result will come out great! aaah i wanna watch Letters To Juliet so badly ;(

Castor Pollux

Jessica said...

aww i havent watched the movie!
but i think i should watch it after read your review hehe

Danielle said...

that place looks really cool. and i want to see that movie!

followed you back :)

Melissa said...

great photos!

Wendy said...

I haven't gotten the chance to watch Letters To Juliet but will def try to catch it, now that you mentioned it has great quotes :)

Thank you for your comments btw!


Ms. sHiRo said...

Yeah, letters to juliet is great.
I love Charlie, he's kinda rude in the first story but sweet in the end, isn't it? ^^

Wah u wanna go to Bali? Sounds fun :)

Thx for dropped by.
Mind to exchange link?

Kathyrine said...

I like the lighting in your photos, is the restaurant also lighted like that. I think it'd be hard for me to study in some place like that, haha.
You look cute in your photos! :)
Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog!

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

Lovely post n' always be that. . .

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janet said...

looks like is a nice place!~ :)
its themovie nice??? I want to watch it too~!