Sunday, June 27, 2010

double hachi !

Me and my brother feel like eating sushi. We met in Central Park on last wednesday. Ahaa! Hachi-hachi in Central Park is now open, so we tried it. My friends told me, the price is cheaper than the other sushi restaurants. Yeahh, we got cheaper price and delicious sushi! Completely!

btw, i met some new friends at my english course. They are korean. We talked some funny things,lol. They speak english and korean, but can't speak bahasa. The most important thing is he (one of them) told me that my pronunciation in korean was good! Omg, glad to hear that, kyaaa! I told him that it's because i love watching korean drama and listening to korean song,hahaha. He also told me, he is master of korean,lol. Ahaa! I think i find a teacher who can teach me korean, horaay^^

c ya!


sii miemi said...

i'm craving for sushi. hehehe...


Naka said...

tehe learning korean sounds like fun and cute photos ^^

Anonymous said...

mau sushi, udah lama ga mkn :(
asik dong dpt temen baru hihi,. aplg org korea

♥ joei said...

i love sushi also :)

☆ definitely, maybe.

Meyvaal said...

Wow, thank you udah baca postingan2 gw yah..
Really appreciate it..
nice pictures btw

michelle_ said...

i love hachi2 as well !
but soooo lazy to go to taman angrek -_-"

wilmchz said...

sushi is the best!


dotie said...

I don't mind having sushi all day :)

eclectic du jour

Turquoise and Lily said...

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have a nice day and thanks

heartofpearl ♡ said...

aw haha i wish i could speak korean too! i lv watching kdrama and songs thats y :) x

ye55i said...

I love hachi2 too.. hahaha.. jadi pengen sushi dhe... :'(
btw itu orang korea nya di ws ya? hahaha, iya tu emang suka byk orang korea kan di gading. =P

roberta said...

wow nice pics and blog... I'm following u...
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Thanks a lot.