Friday, April 02, 2010

Korean Food~nyaammmm!

Ahhaaa ! Posting about food ! Yeaaayy ! Tried all of this food in Emporium Pluit . Let's start !

@Seoul Garden , near Timezone on 4th floor

rice ball with mushroom

chix udon

chix bi bim bab
@Shihlin Taiwan Street on 4th Floor

xxl crispy chicken *recommended!!*

egg roll (floss)

Btw, start from next week, i'll have "UTS", kyaaaaa!!! I think i'm not ready for this exam. I have to study hard.. I can do it and give my best! Wish me luck guys!^^


michelle_ said...

shilin is one my fave foods too !
cheap and good :D
hugs and kisses ..
glisters and blisters

angie said...

wew, bibimbadnya bikin ngiler, haha

i've linked you and followed you... :D

Meilinda said...

@michelle : yaaap. crispy chicken is my fave ! yeaaay!

@angie : thx yaaah. i'll link and follow you back