Sunday, February 21, 2010


I went to Ritz Carlton Hotel with my family to attended wedding ceremony. It was great because i ate a lot of delicious food,ahahahaa. I love their pasta, sooo yummy with parmesan cheese! I want more!hahaaa.

bolero-n.y.l.a,dress-itc mangdu,tights-unbranded,clutch bag-eustacia,shoes-itc kuningan

Btw, i love watching GLEE and American Idol right now. I watch American Idol because i want to see John Park, He is korean and he has a good voice, of course. I'm one of his fans,hahaha. ^^ Ok, tomorrow i will go back to my boarding house, sounds bad, hikzz. Honestly, i want to stay at home, but i must study , T-T


joei said...

post pictures of food! ;)


Leah said...

Love your dress... so pretty! xoxo

Meilinda said...

thank you leah !