Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seoul Song

I went to my english course and played "Giant Twister" with the other students. Do you know this game? It was a funny game, but it made me crazy because i wore a skirt and high heels,hahaaa. In this game, i worked hard. Move , move , and move like play DDR.wahahaa.

Hey, i found a new song from SNSD and Super Junior-Seoul Song. Wohoo, i love this song and their mv, of course.

One of romantic session in their mv clip. I love that story. Funny, but romantic. Kyaaaa!!

You can see their mv (click this) :
SNSD&SuJu-Seoul Song

Btw, i watched the new American Idol, and you know what? I saw a korean man and he got the golden ticket! WOW! His voice is great and his face alsoo..hahahaaa. His name John Park. Wish him luck!^^


hannah. said...

ohh, ak tw lagu itu. video clip ny lucu!

Meilinda said...

iyaaa bagus yah. itu buat promosiin korea katanyah.hhehee

Ari Suci Rahayu said...

nice outfit dear ;D


Meilinda said...

@ari: thank youu.