Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe

I visited Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe at La Piazza. It was a great event *pssttt.. only once a year!* where we can find a lot of Indonesian Food *yummy* such as soto, sate, nasi kucing, nasi campur, martabak, rujak juhi, es potong, cendol, etc. It's already closed on 23rd May, you can go there next year if you want.hehehe.


rujak juhi

martabak kari

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sii miemi said...

wawawaw... itu yg di kelapa gading kan??
mau deh ksana tp ga sempet...


Naka said...

cute outfit ^^ and i love food :3

bayhaqie said...

sob blog lw bagus btw..
follow blog gw dong ntr gw foll
blik ya buat +tman za


{ I V Y } said...

great pics!

dr. B said...

wahhhhh harusnya gw dateng ya hehe

Anonymous said...

I've never had indonesian food, but that looks freaking DELISH.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i've join michelle giveaway too..may the best win...

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice pictures & the food looks delicous!

Welding is beautiful said...

Surabaya jug ada Loh ^^

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

love your outfit. and the bags was so cute :)
thanks for your comment.


michelle_ said...

thanks for the re post of giveaway !
thanks for your entry in my We Love Colors tights giveaway


Anonymous said...

u look cute dear! and the food looks nyummy :D
thanks for your sweet comment :)
i already link you :D

t a l i s h a said...

hahaha i've never been there.. which sucks coz even though i used to live in jakarta i rarely ventured to that area..

Amalia Mas'ad said...

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Dylana Suarez said...

The food looks amazing!

beckyxoxo said...

Seems like a great event! Too bad I was having Final Test, couldn't go. That mall is like 5 minutes from my house only. Haha. And I love your outfit :)

ye55i said...

Huaaah.. itu mie apaaa? duh enak bngtt kekknya.. tapi udah gak ada yaaa.. huhuhu, gw cm bntr ke sana.. cm nyobain es goyang ama es podengnya. :'(
Btw iyaaa itu dressnya sama semua, dibkinin gitu. simple and nice. gw ngerasa gendut tiap kali pake tangan buntung, makanya jarang bngt pake tangan buntung. T.T mending pake kemben skalian. hahahahaa..

Page said...

love your blog! :)
thanks for the updates on giveaways :P

Atika Amalina said...

hey, thank you for stopping by at my blog dear :) coba kamu kesana, pasti ketemu

Kim Neill said...

Yummmmm that food looks good!
Thank you so much for commenting xx
Keep in touch, Kimberley xxx

Veren Lee said...

great photos!

thanks for stopping by on my blog :],
.a little princess.

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Leah said...

The food looks yummy and the place is worth visiting. xoxo

StuddedLilly said...

those food look so delicious! cute blog! :)
thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Krimly said...

I've an amazing sandals GIVEAWAY at my blog! Check it out! :)


Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

Have added you to "another creamy world" range and let's check. .
Thanks 4 add me too. .^_^

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